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Before I teach you how to use buses and trains in Italy, let me give you some background info so you can understand just what a feat this was for me.

Picture an innocent country girl, who grew up in the mountains of North Georgia, and never saw so much as a city bus until she was in college. That girl is me. When I was a kid, cars or tractors were the only methods of transportation, except maybe the big yellow school bus that picked me up at 5:50AM or horses, if you had any.

So when I found myself in Europe for the first time, I had NO idea how to use trains and buses without ending up in the middle of nowhere.

girl at train tracks platform italyI wasn’t afraid that would happen..I *knew* it would happen. And it *did* happen.., on a bus in Spain on my first solo trip. And again on a bus in Vienna at midnight. And yet again on a train in Cinque Terre, Italy.

Now that I’m a travel designer, I consider all these moments of panic as vital on-the-job training. I’m proud to report I’m now a pro at using multiple modes of public transportation to reach far-off destinations where few are willing to venture.

And because I want to help you get further from the beaten path to have more meaningful travel experiences too, I’m ready to share this knowledge with you in a webinar and freebie download!

Click here to check out the webinar on our Facebook page!

Click here to download the guide on How to Use Trains & Buses in Italy.

Happy travels!

Have another idea for a webinar topic? Let me know in the comments below!

2 thoughts on “Webinar: How to Use Trains & Buses in Italy

  1. I would just say that it is practical “how-to” information, as the tips on using trains and buses in Italy, that would ease the worries of a traveler who has never ventured so far and is ready for an adventure. The storytelling by the Creative Edge tour guide keeps the learning fun and breezy, too.


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