The first 60 seconds of my new year were spent grabbing wads of cash off the dance floor of a latin club called Loca Luna. No joke! When my friend noticed the money hidden inside each balloon set to drop at midnight, we made a strategic plan to swipe as much cash as we could.

When the balloons fell, chaos insued. There was pushing and grabbing and elbows were thrown. I almost lost a pinky to a pair of spiked red heels!

Even though we only came out with six whole dollars, about enough to tip the waitress, the tone was set. 2019 would be the year I am laser-focused and ready to take control of my finances so I can start saving for the things that add the most joy to my life.

If you want more “joy per dollar” in 2019, you are going to LOVE watching my live chat with money coach extraordinaire and founder of the Fiscal Femme, Ashley Gerstley. We talk about surprisingly easy ways to adjust your mindset around money and make saving up for your dream journey a fun game (that you always win)!

Click below to watch 10 Easy Ways to Save for Travel in 2019. Don’t miss the free guide (which is FULL of amazing tips and resources to help you jumpstart your saving in 2019)!

Happy saving!

Having a trip in mind will motivate you to be dedicated to your savings plan! Click here to view our upcoming trips for inspiration!

4 thoughts on “10 Easy Ways to Save for Travel in 2019

  1. Wonderful to read about your initiative for this new year. Glad you didn’t loose that pinky. We wrote a guidebook very similar to your topic about finances and travel. It’s called Stress Free Currency and can be found on Amazon, free with Kindle Unlimited. Ashely is absolutely right about every dollar having a task/job.
    It would be amazing to connect with you ladies and mastermind some phenomenal ideas and bring a lot of value to people that want to make the most out of their finances. Financial education is now in our hands and we believe we should teach as many people how and what to do in order to achieve maximum success.


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