Being Vegetarian in Italy

So you’re traveling to Italy and you want the most authentic experience. But you’re also vegetarian! Italian cuisine is extremely vegetarian-friendly (probably the most vegetarian-friendly of all European cuisines). You’ve got pizzas, pastas, paninis, gelato and coffee. Some spots even have vegan options! But you have to look in the right places...

Unique Cooking and Opera Experience in Tuscany

Most who travel to Tuscany have their hearts set on views of rolling hills, plates of handmade pasta, and glass after glass of amazing wine. But some want more than that. Some want walks through the countryside to see the details of the landscape, they want to learn how to make the pasta themselves, and they want to take in the view not from a tour bus window but from a local’s dinner table.

Locals in Italy: Meet Marco, US Aficionado

It’s a funny thing, that greener grass on the other side…

When I met Marco at a language exchange Meetup event in Florence, I was so intrigued by his immense passion for the colonial Northeastern US that I asked to interview him. In our initial conversations that would later blossom into a friendship, I discovered that Marco feels about the US the same way I feel about Italy. I wanted to understand and explore this paradox that we could be so equally in love with each other's homes instead of our own. Along the way, I learned a lot about Marco- a genuine, heartfelt, and forever-young Italian (seriously, he goes to concerts every week and I often call it a night before he does!). Read on to learn more about my friend, Marco!