seafood dish with the village of polignano in the background cliffs and seaside beach

Recipes from Apulia: Riso Patate e Cozze

Ahhh, the flavors of Puglia! My mouth literally waters just thinking about it. From plates of fresh grilled seafood to hand-rolled pasta and piles of hearty vegetables, food in Puglia is an experience. There is one dish in particular that hits all the right notes...

Top 5 Experiences You CAN’T Miss in Southern Italy

There are so many unique activities and experiences to be had in Southern Italy! If you're stuck on Tuscany, I don't blame you... but I have to tell you, Southern Italy is a treasure trove of authentic and beautiful experiences, places, and people that you would sorely be missing out on!

The Layered History of Puglia, Italy

Most articles you find on the history of Puglia make it difficult to grasp the overall concept of where Puglia’s been and how it relates to the culture you’ll experience there today. Here, I attempt to break things down so you can understand the context of the amazing architecture you’ll see, the food you’ll eat, and the people you’ll meet on your adventure in southern Italy!