The 5 Most Beautiful Views I’ve Hiked To

From my first trip, I was never really interested in seeing famous tourist sites. I just wanted to connect with the culture and get outside the cities to experience the natural landscape and meet local people.

How to Connect with Locals While Traveling

After years of practice and many beautiful friendships to show for it, I’ve learned how to get into the veins of a place and create meaningful connections with its people. Watch this live workshop and download the freebie guide to learn how to connect with locals in a meaningful way!

Top 5 Experiences You CAN’T Miss in Southern Italy

There are so many unique activities and experiences to be had in Southern Italy! If you're stuck on Tuscany, I don't blame you... but I have to tell you, Southern Italy is a treasure trove of authentic and beautiful experiences, places, and people that you would sorely be missing out on!

Locals in Italy: Handmade in Puglia

While living in Castellana Grotte in the heel of Italy's boot, one of my favorite things to do was stroll around the charming, whitewashed town perched on top of rocky cliffs and jutting out into the sea- Polignano A Mare. With a gelato in hand and a warm breeze, it's pretty much heaven. There on one of the town's winding, stone streets, I met Stefania as she sat on a brightly colored bench outside the entrance to her shop...


Get to Know Our Founder

Hi my fellow travelers drooling over endless wanderlust instagram profiles and dreamy Pinterest pins, welcome to the club! I started off just like you. Then I took that big leap to journey abroad and saw all my fantasies come wildly true beyond belief. I never let go of that passion and when the time was right, I let it carry me forward to start Creative Edge Travel where I now lead immersive trips in Italy to help people connect with locals on a deeper level and have a more meaningful travel experience...