girl standing on cliff with arms wide open and an endless bright blue sea in front of her

How to Start Your Year with Purpose

New year and new beginnings are great. Rather than rush towards next year with the same set of resolutions, take a moment to celebrate your transformations, big and small. Intentionally start this decade with purpose.

Falling for Foreign Places

If you can imagine, Marco was born and raised just half a mile from the Ponte Vecchio in Florence. In the 80’s, when the fax machine was a novelty, the import-export company he worked for asked him to start a branch in Washington, D.C. Speaking no English, Marco tore himself from his beloved Florence and moved to Washington...

girl with open arms over beautiful rooftop view in italy

Travel & Immortality

What would you choose: fight and die but be known forever or live a long, peaceful life but be forgotten? Like the Greeks, I find this human lust for immortality fascinating and have wondered how much of what we do is subconsciously tied to this innate desire to be known forever, to be immortal. Surprisingly, it even ties into travel habits and the way we document our experiences...