watercolor painting of poppy fields and olive tree

10 Tips for Creative Travelers

Creative travelers need a way to capture their experiences! Up until my first trip to Europe, art was my greatest love and passion. Then Travel charmed its way into my life and so ensued a jealous battle between the two. Luckily I’ve learned that beautiful things happen when I combine them both.

Locals in Italy: Handmade in Puglia

While living in Castellana Grotte in the heel of Italy's boot, one of my favorite things to do was stroll around the charming, whitewashed town perched on top of rocky cliffs and jutting out into the sea- Polignano A Mare. With a gelato in hand and a warm breeze, it's pretty much heaven. There on one of the town's winding, stone streets, I met Stefania as she sat on a brightly colored bench outside the entrance to her shop...