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Dishes to Know Before Traveling to Puglia

Where do Italians go for great food? Straight to Puglia, where the cucina povera tradition celebrates the profound flavors of fresh, local produce. What’s amazing about the food in Puglia is that it boasts great flavor with minimal ingredients- only about 3-5 per dish. On your way to a restaurant, you might pass fields of artichokes, fava beans, and of course, ....

5 Tips for Adapting to a New Culture

If there is one skill that differentiates humans and other species, it must be that humans are so versatile. We are so quick to adapt to changes; our brains instantly reformulate plans and recalculate paths that we need to take to ensure survival. However, once we get used to a way of living, it can be tough to reprogram our minds differently...


The Surprising Lent Tradition in Italy We Can’t Stop Laughing About

The surprising Lent tradition in Italy we can't stop laughing about will have you googling for backup. Did you know that Mexico isn’t the only country with piñatas? Italy has them, too! And did you know that Italians cut old ladies in half in a tradition that started dying out about 15 years ago? What on earth do all these things have to do with each other?

This Village in Southern Italy Goes up in Flames Every January

At Creative Edge, we love learning about really unique and interesting cultural traditions- and trust us, there are some very unusual ones-... like the small town in Southern Italy that dresses up real [dead] chickens in little outfits with politically-satirical speech bubbles (yes, this is a real thing- google "Sagra del Pollo Castellana Grotte"). Coming from … Continue reading This Village in Southern Italy Goes up in Flames Every January