Being Vegetarian in Italy

So you’re traveling to Italy and you want the most authentic experience. But you’re also vegetarian! Italian cuisine is extremely vegetarian-friendly (probably the most vegetarian-friendly of all European cuisines). You’ve got pizzas, pastas, paninis, gelato and coffee. Some spots even have vegan options! But you have to look in the right places...

hand holding a pastry filled with cheese and tomato sauce rustico

Dishes to Know Before Traveling to Puglia

Where do Italians go for great food? Straight to Puglia, where the cucina povera tradition celebrates the profound flavors of fresh, local produce. What’s amazing about the food in Puglia is that it boasts great flavor with minimal ingredients- only about 3-5 per dish. On your way to a restaurant, you might pass fields of artichokes, fava beans, and of course, ....


Wandering the City of Love: Verona

When it comes to romance, Italy is probably the country most associated with passionate lovers, breathtaking scenery, and movie-moment experiences like riding in gondola in Venice or clinging to your special someone on a Vespa with the wind in your hair. Each city in Italy has worthy claims to being the most romantic, but only one can claim the true story of Romeo and Juliet- and that's pretty hard to beat! Andiamo- let's wander the City of Love: Verona!