Locals in Italy: Simona Gadaldi

To kick this off, I welcome my new dear friend, Simona Gadaldi. The story of how we met is not quite as common as a coffee shop encounter. It was Fall of 2017 and I was exploring the Dolomite Mountains in the northern region of Italy. Determined to take advantage of the amazing nature I was surrounded by, I set out on a 3 hour hike…in crappy tennis shoes…


The Surprising Lent Tradition in Italy We Can’t Stop Laughing About

The surprising Lent tradition in Italy we can't stop laughing about will have you googling for backup. Did you know that Mexico isn’t the only country with piñatas? Italy has them, too! And did you know that Italians cut old ladies in half in a tradition that started dying out about 15 years ago? What on earth do all these things have to do with each other?

Top 5 Mistakes When Planning a Vacation

So you finally have some time off and you’re out to make the most of it- congratulations, you’re going on an adventure! If you’ve already cozied up in a coffee shop to start planning your trip, you’ve probably been through the stages of wanderlust and heavenly Instagram photos and have arrived at stage overwhelm. Having planned … Continue reading Top 5 Mistakes When Planning a Vacation